Thursday, March 24, 2011

perfectly lonely.

I was doing so well.... :)
and then fell of the blogwagon. Seriously. Like deadweight. 

To be completely honest, I've been spending a lot of time writing alone lately, a lot of time alone with the Lord, and, well....just a lot of time alone.

I've had an abundance of things to pray through as of late...things I've desperately wanted some guidance in. If I were in Houston, I could name off about 15 women - all ages - that I could call up. They'd drop whatever and meet me for coffee and there, over white coffee cups with designs swirled in the cream, we'd jump straight to the real talk. The deep stuff. The sometimes hard, but always good and rewarding stuff. We'd talk about our Father and His faithfulness. We'd talk about the hope and assurance we have in Him. We'd walk away, stepping forward in faith, not knowing all the answers, but being reminded that we never walk alone when we walk with our God. 

But those women aren't here. 
And I'm aching for them. 

I like girl talk just as much as the next Bachelor junkie...but there's only so much shallow, he said/she said talk I can take. 

I've met a lot of people. I haven't made a lot of friends. 
In a letter my daddy sent me a couple years ago he said, "look for the one who needs a friend." He was's better to seek and befriend than we weep and be friendless. 
I've met countless girls who are opportunities to invest, to love, to encourage. They are open doors...and trust me, I'm going through......

But I'm missing the community. I'm missing the trust. I'm missing the talk.

The good kind.
The deep kind.
The hard kind.
The true kind.
The kind that's about Him.