Saturday, May 16, 2015

blogs are like The Cloud

I don't understand The Cloud.

Where is it? What does it do? If I don't know how to put anything in The Cloud, then how am I out of space in The Cloud? Do I really need room in The Cloud? Since I'm clueless about The Cloud, can my phone please stop telling me that I haven't backed up to The Cloud in 63 weeks? If I knew where The Cloud was, I would've backed right up to The Cloud by now. So I'm not an Apple Genius. That's okay.

Blogs are like The Cloud. If they're not your thing, odds are you think they're pointless and a little silly. You say things like, "Who even reads your blog?" or "That's just another way to overshare." So you're not a blogger/bloglover. That's okay.

To an Apple Genius, there's a point to The Cloud. To some girl whose phone was stolen and had never saved her proposal photos anywhere but her phone and, thankfully, backed her photos up to The Cloud, there's a point to The Cloud.

To me, there's a point to this space. There's a point to the corner of the internet where people share their stories and funnies and hearts. To some person reading a post thinking, "I thought I was the only one," there's a point to this space.

I don't really use The Cloud use The Cloud at all, and I'm fine with that.
I haven't been using this blog space and that is not cool.

Plus, I promised a friend of mine a Buzzfeed Style post along the lines of Signs You're a #basic 90s Christian Girl. I can't just back out on that. It's rude to break promises, especially to friends.

So, I'll be around.

(And if you have any insight on The Cloud situation, feel free to share.)