Saturday, May 29, 2010

impossible to be a gentleman?

I went to Target the other day...I can't remember why. There probably wasn't a reason, and I really need one? ;)

Anywho....I walked up to the door. You know, the automatic sliding ones. This man is walking up at the same time, but instead of walking through the doors, he stops. I look at him with a bewildered look on my face, thinking "come on dude, the doors open for you." Turns out he wasn't crazy...just chivalrous...

He stopped, made a sweeping motion toward the door with his hand and said, "Here, let me get that door for you."

I laughed a little, said "thank you" and walked on in. Then from behind me I heard him say, to no one in particular...

"They make it impossible to be a gentleman anymore."

I literally stopped and looked back at him...he had moved on and wasn't even talking to me anymore, but I was so shocked and, literally, halted by what he said.

They make it impossible to be a gentleman anymore.

Really? Did society and technology and innovation take away their chances to be polite, chivalrous, and just...well, manly?

Doors open themselves.

Roadside assistance is a phone call away.

Valet's open car doors.

Movers lift heavy boxes.

The lady (or man...I can never tell) at Wal-Mart fixes my car.

So have we taken away their opportunities to serve us in those small but huge ways?

I think that, just maybe...we have.

Understand that I'm not justifying the selfish, stupid actions of guys who are flat out jerks. That's not ok....uncool....unattractive....stupid.


A few months ago I heard Mrs. Beth :) talk about how just like it's the heart of every girl to be the heroine, the princess, the "it" girl in the happy's the heart of every boy and man to be the hero, to save the day, the hour...or even just the moment. So I'm wondering...

Are we stealing their chances?

Of course guys can still get creative and find a way...but here's my question:

In all of our technological progress, are we pushing away the possibility of an uprising of strong, Godly, servant-hearted men?

My mind and heart have been reeling about this for, your thoughts-

Share them with me :)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

21 years...He's been here all along

I turn 21 on Tuesday!!! And since I'll be having a wonderful time with my sister on our visit with our fabulous Aunt Laurie, along with other family birthday festivities...I figured I ought to do this post early.

Thinking about birthdays and growing up and a new age has had me reflecting a lot on all that God's brought be through and blessed me with in my life...21 of which, I'll share with you ;)

1. He brought me through years of sinus infections, steroids, and surgeries to be functionally healthy and ultimately...alive!

2. He spoke to me through a talking donut.

It's cheesy, but I was little...and thus began my journey with Him...we've moved on from the donut :)

3. I somehow survived that awkward time in elementary school where all the kids hated me because I always won the spelling bees. It was a very traumatic time for me...LOTS of tears and prayer!

4. He pursued endlessly a real relationship with me...all the way to Friona (the middle of nowhere), where I was all alone and finally found a friend and Father in Him.

5. He introduced me to freedom through being held hostage. He proved Himself faithful on every promise He'd ever made me and showed me the importance of other people's opportunity to put their faith in Him.

6. He taught me to trust Him by not giving me my scholarship. Then gave it to me anyway...just because He can.

7. He blessed me with the perfect roommate my freshman year.

8. He gave me Tuesday night Bible study with my sweet sister.

9. Nieces and nephews...'nough said :)

10. He gave me parents I can talk to about anything.

11. He gave me a Daddy who doesn't complicate my view of God as my Father, but rather enhances it and makes it that much easier to trust and love Him.

12. He's put stories in my heart that I can't get down on paper fast enough...I cannot wait to communicate the reality of His love through fiction!

13. He's taught me how to let go of some people to make room for others.

14. He's made me fall in love with Africa without even going...who knows what He'll do when I'm actually there!?

15. He's built my resume for me...dropping opportunity after opportunity right in my lap

16. He led me to the worst internship ever....but taught me more about church ministry and serving youth than I ever would have learned anywhere else.

17. He's put people in my life that speak truth.

18. He's made things difficult, but worth working for

19. He's pushed me

20. He's pursued me

21. He's never left me alone

That's just a short list! These 21 years have been a whirlwind with Him, and I don't expect the next 21 to be any easier or calmer...and I wouldn't want them to be! I can't wait to see what these next years will bring. Do what You want, Lord. Shake things up! I'll hold on for the ride...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

a moment of social incompetence...

Today I suffered from a very...very awkward embarrassing moment.

Let's just say my social skills in dealing with the opposite sex are....sub-par.

It may not have been awkward for the other person...

but it was certainly uncomfortable for me.

So much so, that I afterwards walked to my car and threw a fit similar to the one Ryan Reynolds throws in Just Friends....

It's done now, and all I can do about is groan and laugh. So you may as well get a giggle out of it!

Enjoy :)

(the first half of this video is irrelevant to my situation. the fit in the car, however, is pretty spot on)