Tuesday, September 27, 2011

winning team.

I don't think there's any greater comfort than knowing you've got a team.

team: (n) definition in specific Hannah language: a core of people who provide constant support, be it encouraging, needfully critical, honest, or fun; the supporting actors in the movie of your life; the gems who, at the heart of it, you do your life with. syn: family, best friends, mentors, sisters, brothers, fabulous aunts, kindred spirits found on twitter, random girls found on a roommate listing who I couldn't do without

Ex: A. My momma told me on the phone a few nights ago, "Wherever you are, that's where I am with you." She didn't mean that wherever I was, whatever I was thinking, she would automatically agree and tell me I was right. She meant that wherever I was, whatever I was thinking or feeling, she'll meet me there.
       B. My sweet sister sent me a text and said, "Pumpkin, I'm so sorry." Not hmm...get over it. Even if maybe I should have. Not sorry I'm busy. Although I can guarantee you she was. Instead she gave me room to feel and process and be hurt for a little bit, because sometimes that's just what a girl needs.

See what I mean?

I don't have a huge team, but I have a great one.
I wouldn't trade a single one of them.

Who's on your team? How have they ministered to you lately?!

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Regan said...

I just have to say that your mom did a great job of raising exceptional team members...I sure am glad to have her daughters on mine!