Thursday, July 25, 2013

"whoa, lady!"

If you're game, I'm willing to jump straight into this post and pretend like it hasn't been four months since I've even looked at this blog. I'll even tell you my most embarrassing moment of the whole summer to make up for it. Deal?...Deal. Let's do this.

For a couple of weeks in the past month, I was wrapping up a project at our ministry's warehouse/workshop/catch-all storage space; and it was HOT.

July. In Houston. Outside. Doing work.
I honestly loved it, but it was honestly hot.

So I made many trips to the same Sonic, several trips a day in fact.

On one of those Sonic trips, I was picking up a couple bags of ice for a group coming over for dinner.

Long, embarrassing story short...

I went through the drive-thru, ordered my Route 44 iced tea with mint and two bags of ice, rolled up to the window, and Morgan (we're on a first name basis now that I've completely humiliated myself in front of her) handed the first bag of ice through the window to me.

I thanked her, grabbed the bag of ice, then leaned over to sit it on the floorboard of my front passenger seat. It was just enough leaning, just enough weight shifted...

that my foot ever so slightly released the break. Oh, no. 

Oh, yes. But I was still very focused on getting that ice put away. I didn't have a clue what was happening until I heard,

"Whoa. Whoa, lady! Your car's movin'!" 

And you know what? It really was. Not quickly. Not far. But it was moving. I looked out my window and all I saw was a brick wall. The pick-up window was at least four feet behind me.

I had to put that car in reverse, get my second bag of ice (after Morgan and I stopped laughing), and drive shamefully away.

When I went back the next morning for my Route 44 ice water with lime, I tried to assure Morgan that people do that all the time.

She's says they don't.
Thanks for the humility, Morgan.

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