Thursday, December 4, 2014

it has been ages.

You know when you haven't seen a really good friend in ages, and you make plans to meet up, but you feel a little nervous? You know that you really are truly friends, but it really has truly been ages; and ages tend to make you wonder if anything is really going to be the same.

It has been ages.
It is not going to be the same--in the best way.

I think I stayed away from this little blog nugget for the past, um..., 11 months because I just didn't like what it was and didn't know how to change it and was just tired of it. (Angsty, much?) I so often felt like this was still just my "college girl rambling" blog and I wanted it to be my "somewhat grown up, funny, real" blog.

So, welcome.
Welcome to my somewhat grown up, hopefully funny, real blog, where I will rant, joke, and pour my heart out in turn. I will do all of it with absolute honesty. Zero fluff zone, sir.

Let's try this out. You might hate it--I'm planning to love it.

And for a little giggle, watch this video and get a peek at why I updated this blog title and address. Really, it's going to require further explanation, but for today just watch and laugh. I'll explain later. 

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