Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I know where my summer went! (and other somewhat inspired ramblings)

I made a deal with my sweet sister, that we would blog once a week. We were both seriously lacking in our blogging efforts, and well, we don't like to lack! Colleen is doing a much better job than I am, though. It's July 28th, and I last blogged on July 2nd....yeah...I'm a little behind!

My summer is shutting down pretty soon. Daycation has kept me busy all summer, and I move back in to the dorms in less than two weeks, and school starts back up two weeks after that! In May, I made myself a promise that at the end of the summer, I wouldn't wonder where it went, and I'm not! I know exactly what I've done and I've loved it.

a. Daycation! I loved getting to spend this summer teaching kids about the Word of God! So much of what I know of God, I learned when I was young. So much of what has made my relationship with Him what it is today, comes from the faith that was instilled in me when I was the Daycation age. I was so excited to get to have that same kind of influence. It's been hard. I've been tired. But it's been worth it! Some days I go crazy, but I absolutely love these kids!

b. New friends! I've made new friends this summer and gotten to grow friendships that were barely beginning. It's been so good to see what God can do in the lives of people, through the lives of His people. Whether it's been roommates, accountability partners, coworkers, etc., I've relearned the power in relationships. I've remembered that they're not all bad, all the time. They just take work....LOTS of work.

But honestly (pardon my soapbox), without them wouldn't life just be a waste of time? As Christians we're called to fellowship with other believers and reach out to a world in darkness. So without relationships, we would be missing our purpose completely. This summer I've discovered what it really means to hold a friend accountable, how to be a support to my brothers in Christ, and how to persevere through relationships that I would rather set aside. I'm nowhere near perfectection, but I'd rather be working on my purpose and making somewhat of a mess, than waste my time avoiding the thing I was made to pursue.

c. Practicing His Presence. Wow. That's really the best word to describe the Bible study I was a part of this summer. The author and leader of the study, Tammie Head, was wonderful. Seriously. Sister spoke a WORD! In all the Bible studies, conferences, etc. I've participated in, I've never been so directly ushered straight in to His presence. Every Monday night was amazing! The homework was a load, but a wonderful one! Tonight is our last night together and I SO hate to see it come to a close.

d. Bingo Thursdays! Can I just say....that I love bingo. LOVE it! And I love the old people that go :)

e. Nothing beats the Astros in the summertime.

f. And nothing beats a zero-downtime summer to get a girl ready for a worse-than-zero-downtime school year! I miss HBU!

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