Monday, August 3, 2009

a rhyming revealing

Tonight all of the Daycation staff are going out to dinner for an end of summer celebration! None of us knew where we were going though, and were all anxious to know our destination. Meredith and I got the assignment to come up with a clever way to reveal the big news, and this is what we came up with........

From June through to August, a Summer of fun.
With twenty-something counselors,
A job for everyone!
Monday through Friday, we work hard for our pay.
On this 3rd of August,
It's our turn to play!
We've looked all over town for just the right spot.
Is it here? Is it there?
Maybe so........Maybe not.
It could be barbecue, it could be Chinese.
It could even be a place with a giant mouse and cheese!
It has to be perfect. It's gotta be right!
Nothing less will do for this special night.
Should we eat? Should we putt?
Maybe go to Pizza Hut?
A full buffet and games to boot!
Two for one and plenty of food!
I think we've found a winner, don't you agree?
The best part is it's all for free!
Ok, don't worry, give me a break.
We know what you want is a big piece of steak.
Too bad that's expensive and we're on a budget.
How' bout a Happy Meal? A toy and some nuggets?
That's a great place! We can eat AND play!
Yes its the perfect spot for our special day!
So be there at 6:30, hungry and on time.
Follow the golden arches, you CANNOT be late!
You want to make sure you get a good plate!
Whatever you want, it's all up to you.
Just to be sure, so you know what to do.
We'll see you there. You don't want to miss it.
A great evening at..........
We totally had everyone convinced we were going to McDonald's! It was UH-mazing! We're pretty proud of our clever little poem :)
And for anyone who has not had the pleasure of visiting Taste of here. You really....and I mean DESPERATELY need to go! :)

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