Tuesday, March 12, 2013

dear friend on the iPhone

photo courtesy of springwise.com
The infamous letter Dear Mom on the iPhone went from zero to crazy overnight. I can admit that when I hit "share" on Facebook, I wasn't even thinking about all the great moms I know who occassionally glance to the screen every once in a while for a moment of relief. I wasn't worried about the sweet mommas who love social media because, for crying out loud, it's the most practical way for them to have a conversation with their friends. I just wasn't worried about them. I applaud them. I want to be them.

More than anything, I hit "share" because, in ministry, I encounter a handful of littles every week whose faces drop the second I even check the time on my iPhone. They've been hurt by mere ounces of technology. They really just wish Siri would hush.

But what I really loved about that letter? It's 100% transferrable.
It could just as easily have read:
Dear Dad on the iPhone
Dear Grandpa on the iPhone
Dear Brother on the iPhone
Dear Teacher on the iPhone
Dear Roommate
Dear Boss
Dear Coworker
Dear Daughter
Dear Sister
Dear Friend

I know that I, in any of those roles I fill, could stand to read it; and on some occassions, even need to say it.

What could it look like?
In the most relevant form for me (both to and from me), it might sound a little something like this:

Dear Friend on the iPhone,
I'd like to think that our time together is worth something, but that's not what I'm picking up from you.
I don't want to be clingy. I don't want to monopolize your attention, but out of the days or weeks or months we're apart, I'm only asking for an hour or two of your time.
I feel like if I sat across the table and sent you texts, you might be a little more into this. 
Your head is down, you're laughing at jokes over text messages.
Someone else is more deserving of your attention.
Someone else is funnier.
You would rather be somewhere else, right?
That's all I see.
That's all I hear.
Could you put it down? Put it away?
Everything you think you're missing will still be there when our hour is up.
But this hour is what we have.
My favorite little iPhone feature is the 'Do Not Disturb'
From the moment I turn it on, to the second I opt out of self-control and peek at the screen, all notifications, phone calls, emails, tweets, texts, game updates, ESPN feeds, etc are completely silenced. Zero distractions. (Since work and family emergencies are a part of reality, there's even an option to allow calls from favorites.)
I love a little technology.
I'm a Twitter nerd.
I like FunJump and Fruit Ninja as much as the next iUser.
So please hear me when I say, I am just as guilty.
Guilty, but trying to get over my iPhone.
Trying to get over myself.
My one little word for this year is low. I set out to lower my sense of self, and part of that has been lowering the iPhone and looking people in the eye.
That's where their story is. You don't want to miss it. You can't afford to.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this Hannah. I love catching up on your blog and hate that I love this topic. You have heard me well and I appreciate your attention to this issue and loving on our "little" if I can borrow your word.

Chad O

Anonymous said...

Great reminder! :-). Thank you Hannah! Nikki