Thursday, March 14, 2013

Let's go to the movies! An Out-of-this-World Houston Giveaway

A few weeks ago, I checked my voicemail to find the sweetest little voicemail from Nephew #4, asking me to come along to see Escape from Planet Earth. No way was I passing that up. I met them at the theater, took a seat next to Nephew #1 and asked, "So what's this about?" He didn't have a clue.

We were both in for a treat.

Escape from Planet Earth is an exciting, fun and heartwarming animated film that may be the most pro-family, pro-marriage, pro-children, and pro-fatherhood films you will see this year. It tells of a superhero who finds himself trapped by evil forces on the distant "Dark Planet" (aka, Earth!) where only his nerdy brother Gary can save him, with the help of his devoted "stay-at-home" wife and enterprising young son.

I often need to pick or recommend movies that are SUPER kid friendly, so my "inappropriate radar" is always on when I'm watching films that show potential. Usually there's unnecessary adult humor, jabs at Christianity, or just junk in general. Are you ready for this?...

Escape from Planet Earth has NONE.
Honestly. NONE.
There is not one single moment that even the littlest of littles couldn't see. I could not have been more impressed!

Needless to say, when Whitney from Allied Faith & Family contacted me about giving away some tickets on the blog, I was thrilled.

Whether you have a family full of littles, or no kids at all, this movie is a great pick. Our crew included my sister, her four boys, my mom and dad, and myself. We all loved it!


What can you win?

Two of you can win:

A family-four-pack of tickets to see Escape from Planet Earth, provided by Allied Faith & Family.
Tickets can be redeemed at any Houston area Cinemark theater, Mon-Thurs (excluding holidays). Passes are valid as long as the film is in theaters.

A $15 Cinemark gift card.
Because I can't let you go to the movies for free and not throw in free popcorn. It would just be silly :) 

How can you win? 

Comment on this post and tell me what your favorite movie is and why. Really. That's it!
If you're not sure how to comment, email me at hannahlanestovall [at] gmail [dot] com and I'll add it for you.

Make sure that I have some kind of access to your email address, either linked through your Google or Blogger account or just leave it in the comment. 

You can comment once per day. You can only win one family pack, but it will up your chances of winning!

When will I announce the winners? 

Monday, March 18. 
Everyone needs a little Monday pick-me-up, right? Movie packs will also be mailed out on Monday. 


You will LOVE it! I'm certain. 

Thanks to Whitney and Allied Faith & Family for providing our tickets! 
Allied Faith & Family (AFF) is a dynamic PR and marketing service group that encourages and assists the entertainment community in promoting life-affirming messages that touch the heart and uplift the human spirit. Located in the heart of Hollywood and with 21 field offices around the country, AFF exist to build bridges between the faith and entertainment worlds and advance media that entertains, enlightens, inspires and endures.


Katie W. said...

YAY! My favorite movie(s) of all time are You've Got Mail & Sleepless in Seattle. There's just something magical about Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan together. Or maybe I'm just a hopeless romantic-but regardless-I love them!

katie :)
ps. sorry if this posted twice.

Jennifer said...

My favorite movie is Stepmom with Julia Roberts. It makes me cry everytime, but I just love the bond between the mom and her kids and then the stepmom.