Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Sister!

Monday was my sweet sister's birthday! With she and my Daddy getting back from Africa that day, and school making me cRaZy, I didn't get to do this until now, but.....


And in honor of your birthday, here's 21 things I LOVE about you or have loved doing with you! By the way, it is 21 right? ;)

1. I LOVE that you always read to me when I was little...Chronicles of Narnia, Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle, The Polar Express (especially our favorite page about the "hot cocoa as thick and rich as melted chocolate bars"!)

2. I LOVE that you LOVE to take care of people: your guys, youth, kids, etc.

3. I LOVE that at least once a week, while putting on my makeup, I remember that I learned how from years of sitting on the bathroom counter and watching you do it

4. I LOVE when we talk and remember stories about Dad that make us laugh until we can't breathe! wwwWWhHAT?! (in his one-of-a-kind way)

5. I LOVE our haircut dates :)

6. I LOVE that you can't keep gifts a secret.

7. I LOVE that you were never big on the color pink, then you had all the boys, and now you love it!

8. I LOVE that you love investing in youth and love to see them grow spiritually.

9. I LOVE LOVE LOVE going to Bible study with you

10. I LOVE the time we watched A League of Their Own at your house in Brookshire, and cried our eyes out during that last game

11. I LOVE that we've always fought over who loves the other the most

12. I LOVE that we both have the same opinion of Matt Damon

13. I LOVE that I can talk to you on the phone for a long time...even though I hate talking on the phone.

14. I LOVE that no one else in our house would ever watch My Fair Lady with me but you

15. I LOVE the way I picked up on your ability to trip up stairs, your fear of birds, and your annoyance with mouth noises

16. I LOVE to see you being a mommy....and SUCH a good one!

17. I LOVE that you love your husband and stick with him

18. I LOVE that night at youth were pregnant with Joseph, and I had a headache. Dad brought me to you and Larry's cabin instead of going to worship and we sat on the couch for a long time with my hand on your tummy so I could feel him kick.

19. I LOVE that we're really different.

20. I LOVE that sometimes we're exactly the same.

21. I LOVE that you're my sister!

Happy birthday, big sister!

I LOVE you!





Uncanny Colleen said...

Aaaahhh! You have totally made my day!

How sweet of you to encourage me so! And, you even did it in list form (since you know that I am a "scanner")!

I love you dearly and I cherish memories of us spending time together also. Like taking you to McDonalds after I got my driver's license. I was sixteen and you were three! I loved sitting across the booth of that nasty McDonalds and us both chowing down on a Kids' Meal.

I am sorry though that I tortured you with the thought that there was a monster dragging me under your bed. Really, I am dreadfully sorry!

I love you very much. The mostest. Mostalicious. Mosta Latte. Caramel Mostiato with whip cream. The Holy Most. I loved you before I knew you were you (you could have been a Samuel, you know!)

Love you - Colleen

Uncanny Colleen said...

By the way, it's raining as I am writing this and I know that deep down, when it rains, you too have a longing for Grilled Cheese sandwiches and Chicken Noodle Soup while watching Roman Holiday or Breakfast at Tiffany's.

You don't have to admit it in such a public forum, but I know that it's true!