Saturday, October 10, 2009

new layout, new Michael Buble, an old movie, and a new patience

I do believe that my blog has a bit of an identity crisis. It really cannot maintain the same look for more than a few months. We'll see how long this look lasts :)

Michael Buble released a new album, Crazy Love, yesterday!!!!

I absolutely love it! I ran by Target and picked it up last night and have not stopped listening to it. It bears the same title as the incredible book we're going through in small groups, so guess what we'll be listening to Wednesday night. ;)

I have watched Return to Me three times in the past two days. Ridiculous. Pathetic, I know. It's sooooo good though. If you haven't seen it, you must. It's cheesy and predictable, I'll warn you, but honestly, what quality chick flick isn't? I tried to tell myself yesterday afternoon (before popping it in for the third time) that it wasn't good for me to watch that much lovey dovey that many times. Of course, I didn't listen, and was swept off my feet yet again.

It wasn't bad for me though. It was surprisingly good.

See I'm the girl that cries randomly and unprovoked because I need a boyfriend. I crave that relationship and I often have myself convinced that if it doesn't happen soon, it never will. Watching this movie though (you'll have to see it to understand...and maybe even then it's just my crazy perception), I didn't feel that way at all. The way that he treats her is what I want. He's a grown man when he meets her and because of that he respects her and supports her and takes care of her and really loves her. He's grown up enough to know what he needs. And what he her.

I am not a grown up. I'm twenty years old. I'm a long way from knowing what, let alone who, I need. And he....whoever he is....isn't grown up enough to know that now either....and that's ok.

Because I want him to respect me and support me and take care of me and really love me. And if I have to wait fifteen years for'll be ok.

(although fifteen might be pushing it....Lord, please grow my patience fruit!)


Uncanny Colleen said...

I love the new layout! Adorable - completely Hannah-ish!

Watch the movie as often as you want and know that God knows who your "he" is. And He is working on 'him' just like "He" is working on you. You don't want "him" until "He" has "him" where "He" wants "him".

Does that make anysense at all? I really don't have a moment to spare to explain. (You know I have a gajillion things to get done in the next few days).

Okay - I have one extra moment to say that Michael looks like David Hasselhoff on that CD cover photo. I'm just sayin'!

Anonymous said...

lol I get what you meant :)

and it does look like him haha! I hadn't noticed that!

Love you :)

Brittany Burchfield said...

1. I love your new layout! Dont you just love shabby blog?
2. Our God will give us our men when we are ready. He has a plan and Im so glad that you know that and have reminded me.
3. You are amazing!
4. I will see you at church tomorrow night.
5 .I love you.

Regan said...

Oh Hannah I too love Michael Buble! I just ordered the new CD from Amazon so I should have it in my hot little hands by Wednesday. Oh and I agree with Colleen that he looks like Hasselhoff on the cover...I think it's the brow line.
You new layout is great!
Now about Return to Me...this is one of my top 10 "feel good" movies of all time. Just the way they get to know each other and how great he is with her family and friends, not to mention the scene in Italy. Sigh. I don't blame you at all for watching it repeatedly.

Anonymous said...

They have "real" talk on the first date.
And he doesn't tell her he loves her until they're in Italy.

Perfection. lol

Becky Kiser said...

love love love the new layout.

and you are so right about the man... he will come when it's time. i wish i hadn't wasted so much time on relationships that only brough about bad things before Chris. the best (although lonely) season of my life was the 5 years of not dating a single guy before chris. but he was and is worth the wait.

but when that guy comes around, he is going to have to pass our test. not that i don't trust your pickings, i totally do. but i want to make sure he really knows what he has.

love you.