Thursday, March 25, 2010

I just can't harmonize....but maybe I can be a harmony

I can't harmonize.

I can't.

I would love to have that talent. I think harmonies are beautiful...gorgeous...and I am ridiculously jealous of people that can pick out harmonies for any song. So jealous.

But I just can't do it.

Maybe it's because I was always a Soprano in choir and we basically always sang the melody.

Maybe it's because I've always been in Baptist churches where the melody's all you can hear.

Whatever the reason....I just can't harmonize.

I was reading the little info booklet in a cd today (I always read those...the whole thing), and this is what I found:

Kelsey Taylor laid her sacred harmonies down in every song.

Laid down her sacred harmonies.

Never. And I mean never. Have I wanted to be able to harmonize more than I did in that moment.

I just sat there thinking..."I wish someone could say that about me...that she laid down her sacred harmonies"...if only....

and then....

I got it :)

I cannot harmonize. I can't. It's never going to happen.

But I can be a harmony:

"the simultaneous combination of tones, especially when blended into chords pleasing to the ear"

My life can either be a beautiful harmony to the bigger, more beautiful thing God is doing...or I can be a mess of noise that totally throws it off.

I want to surrender my life in a way that complements who God is, what He's doing, the story of salvation, the testimony of His work in my life, the proof that He's real, the evidence of His hand, His power, His love, His truth.

I don't want people to look at my life and think "that's a pretty song" (metaphorically, of course)...I want people to see instead that I'm just a little, tiny part the much bigger, beautiful, exquisite symphony that is our Savior.

I so want to one day hear my Father say:

Hannah laid her sacred harmonies down in every song.

Laid down her sacred harmonies.

I really. truly. just can't harmonize....but maybe, just maybe :)

I can be a harmony

Through Jesus, therefore, let us continually offer to God a sacrifice of praise—the fruit of lips that confess his name. Hebrews 13:15

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Anonymous said...

Hannah, this is beautiful :)
I have felt the same about harmonizing many times, but you have given me a new perspective! I will be happily meditating on this for a while