Tuesday, March 2, 2010

13 days till the bestie comes

Can I just say....that I need Spring Break?

I mean really....this girl is checked. out. Today during class, I sorted through 600 emails and labeled them all by category. I'm not motivated. I'm not focused. I'm out.

And impatient. :)

My best friend in the world will be here in 13 days!

Next Monday I will pick her up at the airport and Bestie Week will begin! To say I'm excited, would me an understatement of enormous proportions. We haven't had 5 straight days together....in a looooooooooong time. I absolutely cannot wait!

So far, these stops/plans are on our list:

1. Rodeo!!!! We're seeing Lady Antebellum on the 15th!
2. Photo session with Sarah! In almost 10 years of friendship, the only pictures we have, we've taken ourselves...it's time to change that!
3. The Book Stop! It's a Barnes and Nobles...nothing special....except for the fact that it's in an old movie theater...which makes it amazing!
4. Fioza's.....amazing coffee place :)
5. Taste of Texas :)
6. cupcakes
7. James Franco marathon! (we always do this...he's not really even our favorite persay, but the tradition has stuck)
8. homemade enchiladas...mmm :)

and I'm sure there's more I just can't remember.

Any suggestions you think I should add to our list?


Jamie Mae =] said...


I can't think of anything except how excited I am =]

One week and one day =D

I need to decide what to pack...hmmmm...

Color scheme for photoshoot...?

Sara said...

Hmmm, maybe watch a new tv show you've never seen? I can recommend one that has sign language: Sue Thomas FBEYE... cannot recommend it enough! She is a deaf FBI agent who reads lips! LOVE IT! It airs on Gospel Music Channel every day at 4 pm! Email me, if you read this! (iluvmustangs95@msn.com)