Saturday, March 27, 2010

the top 10 reasons I love Matt Damon

****Disclaimer: Yes, I am, in fact a creeper. I know far too many facts about Matt Damon...only ten of which will I actually list here. Oh and, Matt, if you read this, I really think I might actually be your biggest fan...minus the stalkers. Under all the stalkers, I'm your #1 fan.****

10. he somehow managed to maintain credibility after this cheesily posed movie cover.9. he is....well....Matt Damon.
'Nough said.

8. He dropped out of Harvard 12 credits short of graduating to pursue acting...risky move, but he knew his place. Some would call it foolish...but he stopped wasting time doing something that wasn't right for him, and I totally give him points for that!

7. In 2007, People magazine named him their Sexiest Man Alive....
...for obvious reasons

6. He's a Sox fan.
If I didn't live in Houston, I would be a Sox fan...and then Matt and I would cheer at games could happen

5. He starred in the film version of All the Pretty Horses which was, without a doubt, one of the most influential books I read in high school...and probably ever. It's not the most moral piece of literature...but it's all about choices, consequences, and coming of age...

4. He and Ben Afleck have been best friends
Take a moment to shamelessly *giggle* and *aawwww* here. Really, it's ok. They're adorable.

3. He's married to a woman no one's ever heard of. She was a bartender in Miami and they got married in 2005 in New York City's City Hall. No scandal. No tabloid mess. Just married with three little girls (one from her previous relationship). Just Matt and all his girls :) I love it!
In an ideal world, I would be their #1 babysitter....this too, could happen

2. "You've given an aging suburban dad the ego-boost of a lifetime."...his response to being named 2007 People's Sexiest Man Alive. And then I melted...and smiled for about a week. He has to be one of the most humble actors out there. Here's a few more things he's said... :)

"Ask anybody on the street which actors starred in the "Ocean's" movies, and they'll tell you it was George [Clooney] and Brad [Pitt]. I'm 'support' in "Ocean's." As I was in "Saving Private Ryan" - Tom [Hanks] carried that movie. You could accuse me of piggybacking on other people's brilliance more than anything."

"If anybody wanted to photograph my life, they'd get bored in a day. "Here's Matt at home learning his lines. Here's Matt researching in aisle six of his local library". A few hours of that and they'd go home."

"I'd love to be a dad. I hope I'd be great at it. That's every man's fear, yet his most important job."


1. Does it really need any explanation?
So yes, I am pathetic, and do, indeed, love Matt Damon. And despite every negative thing I heard, really liked Green Zone and really can't wait to watch him in the remake of True Grit!

I'm officially hopeless. ;)


Uncanny Colleen said...

Oh! How many girls are blessed to have a sister who thinks EXACTLY LIKE THEMSELVES? Really, I have to say that Matt Damon is my fall-back. Just in case anything ever happens to your brother-in-law! JK!

Regan said...

I agree with everything you said, except the Red Sox thing...I could never ever EVER be a Red Sox fan. And there's going to be a remake of True Grit?!?!? How did I not know this? I'm off to IMDB to look it up!

Anonymous said...

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