Saturday, January 8, 2011

Blog Challenge. Day Eight.: 3-pointers and Free Throws.

My "Free Throw" goal for this month is to be a good student. I'm starting graduate school next Tuesday, so I think it's a little implied. Nevertheless, I want to do this with excellence; and it won't happen if I don't make a conscious decision to do it well.

My "2-pointer"...find a job. Next week. One that fits into my college student schedule but doesn't terribly wound my college graduate pride. Don't give me that look. It can happen. (Maybe taking on some humility would have been a better choice?)

"3-pointer"...Turn off the Houston's First Baptist webcast and find a College Station church. Realizing my overwhelming love for my home church also revealed how easy it would be for me to sit in my room, watch church on my computer, and miss out on real life, in person, 'let me hug you' community. That may not seem like a big deal to you, but it's a definite 3-pointer for me.

Buzzer shot. I want to be intentional in the relationships I'm about to start. I'm going to meet new people, have new roommates, new coworkers, new faces on the bus...and I want to be intentional with them. This. Month....not next semester. Now.

I like that these are short-term, month goals...and not a vision-cast for the whole year. That's too much for my head.
What are you hoping to accomplish this month? Let's help each other out!

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~Misty said...


I'm so excited that you will get to experience life at A&M and in College Station. If you have not done so, consider getting a sports pass, at least for next Fall. That is the only way you are guaranteed to get to go to the football games. Much has changed in the years since I graduated but much is still the same as it is A&M, a school filled with tradition! I loved it there and miss it! Well, I miss the atmosphere, being on campus, the games as a student...not the studying! haha! Two great churches for you to check out are Grace Bible Church and Central Baptist Church. I went to Central a couple of times, but attended Grace Bible Church full time when I was at A&M and in town. They are both wonderful churches! I had friends from both churches. I know God will lead you to the right job, the right friends, and the right church. There are other great churches, so visit! Have a wonderful week!