Sunday, January 2, 2011

Blog Challenge. Day Two.: What's with that title?

Day Two of this blog challenge asked me to explain my blog title...which used to be "One girl's world"...stupid. I didn't have a reason for that I changed it.

an upwrite heart.

and yes, I know it's misspelled. ;)

I love to write. I want to write. Books and devotionals...textbooks, term papers...whatever. If it needs to be written, I want to write it. The Lord has put such a desire in me to write. I love it.

There's another thing I'm asking Him to give me. Another thing I'm begging Him to shape within me:

an upright heart.

He's not finished. Some days it seems like He hasn't started...more like I took His hard work and stepped on it; but slowly, carefully, painfully, and beautifully, He's piecing together a broken-and-healed, sometimes a little bumped up, always grateful testimony to Himself.

an upwrite heart.


Jamie Meador said...

i love you, and love that ure back into this, but lets not get bogged down by grad school and dont continue to write ok. and please come visit me on the continent that you and i both yearn for. - Jamie

Anonymous said...

such a sweet little title. :)

Regan said...

Well now I feel like I should come up with a better name that has a deep meaning like yours! I like how you phrased "testimony to Himself" because so often we hear about people's testimonies or the joke about how a misspent youth was just time to "build a testimony." The way you put it made me realize that my testimony shouldn't be mine, it should be His as portrayed by me. You have a way with words sweet girl, I guess it's lucky you're a writer! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Your blog is super cute and I love your blog name! I'm a writer myself, and I love your combination of "write" and "an upright heart". Keep writing for His glory! :]