Monday, January 10, 2011

don't turn me in!!!

I'm not neglecting day ten of the blog challenge...I'm doing it!!


Because today, I moved into my new home (so tired I just combined new and home and typed hew. wow.) in College Station and I am exhausted. Clearly.

I was all ready for bed and realized that I lost a very special (to me) necklace that my daddy brought me from Africa. I racked my brain....I had thrown it away.

So I called home. At 11:30. I called my parents who were--for sure--asleep and begged them to look threw the bag of trash I'd put in the dumpster yesterday. I hung up. Five minutes later? My daddy called me back. He found it. He got up and went threw the trash. So that I could go to sleep.

I'm drained. So this is making me cry even more than normal.

I need sleep. Not blogging. Deep, sweet, new room sleep.
Goodnight, sweet friends. Sleep sweet. I'll see you tomorrow...but I'll leave you with my highs/lows from today.

Load and unload. Gross.
That awful moment when I closed the front door after telling my parents goodbye, knowing they were going to get in the car and drive away.

High (but let's face it, emotional low):
Calling home to say goodnight and hearing my daddy say: (referring to my new room/apt) "I liked it....I didn't like leaving you in it."
And then I bawled. Like the 21yr old, hopelessly daddy's girl, baby that I am.

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Regan said...

Good job Hannah, you had me tearing up when I read this! I'm so glad you're moved in and can't wait to start hearing of all you new adventures in Aggieland!