Monday, January 3, 2011

Blog Challenge. Day Three.: I can't pick just one.

I'm supposed to post a picture of me and my friends, but that's a problem for me.

1. I don't have one picture of me with all of them.
2. I don't take a lot of pictures. (I hate that, I'm working on it!)

So here's just a few.

Lindsey and I are really bad at pictures.

one day sophomore year, Sarah and I skipped class and went to the science museum (nerds) and had mexican food and an amateur photo shoot in the park. Those were the long hair days. I miss them :(
Amanda, Brittany, and Lindsay.

Aubrey and Meredith.
(at the TAYLOR SWIFT concert where she ALMOST touched my finger. ha.)
Can't wait to get to College Station and get to see these girls all the time!

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