Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Blog Challenge. Day Four.: Breakin' them habits.

#4. What is one habit you wish you didn't have.

Gee. Where to begin? ;)

I miraculously stopped biting my nails this year...so I can't say that.

I think the number one habit I wish I didn't have is comparing myself to other people.

I do that regularly....very. regularly.

Something is wrong with me because they got asked to do something and I didn't.
She must hate me because she gives everyone else more attention.
I must not have as many friends as she does because she's prettier than I am.
He would never like me because he dated "her" and I'm nothing like her.
God, it would be better for you to use _____ because they're better at that than me.
I'm messing up somewhere because that person seems so much closer to the Lord than I feel.

stupid. insecure. useless comparing.

It's more than a habit. It's a crippling sin.

And I'm ready to be done with it.

Is it just me? Or are you maybe struggling with this too?
How do you stop yourself from comparing?

1 comment:

Brittany Burchfield said...

Amen sister.
I have been through the same cycle.
Always comparing and not feeling adequate.
Praying for you sister, break the cycle.
Love you and hope I see you before you move to CS.