Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I'm about to be real.

Can I get....just, really honest with you? I mean...can I just be real? Not cute or funny or witty. Not clever in hopes that you leave me an ego-boosting comment. Just stinkin' real? Because I need to.

So here goes....just know, I'm about to get really honest. If you don't think you can handle it, close the window now. Leave this blog and don't come back, because this is probably going to become a regular event.

Anyone still with me?

I really struggle with hearing talks from/ reading blogs of/ hearing about young women who talk endlessly about their singleness. 

That sounds so mean. Doesn't it?

Honestly, it partly is mean. But let me try to explain the other part.

I am single. I have always been single. I have no reason to believe that I will be "un-single" any time soon.

Do I love that? No.
Is that the way I would choose my life to be going? No.
Am I disappointed by it frequently? Oh yes.

But it's ok. 
I am ok.

I don't feel cheated because I don't have a boyfriend. I don't feel like God's obligated to bring me a man or take away my desire for a relationship. I get jealous. I get lonely. I pout around Valentine's as much as the next single girl...

But I am ok.

I guess my struggle comes in not understanding the need to broadcast it. (I get that I just told you, trust me....I almost didn't; but I couldn't be vague and really explain this.) So when I see/hear/read about it, I don't know....I get frustrated. But I hurt for them too. I don't understand why they need to bring attention to it. I hurt that they need to bring attention to it.

Does that make any sense? At all?

The point of all of this...I promise there is one.

I found a precious blog today. I'm not linking you to it because there were a couple of inappropriate posts...if you want to search for it, go ahead. But I won't own that. This blog, though, is a guy making short little posts of notes to his future wife. And it's darling.

So I googled to find a girl one...because of course there must be a blog of notes to a future husband...right?

Instead I found a blog called "My Husband is Annoying".

Sweet notes to his future mrs.
My husband is annoying.

What's going on?
That's not fair.

So what I really don't with this aching that women have to be dated and loved and married...and then there's blogs titled "My Husband is Annoying"...that's not right.

Can we agree to be women who are grateful for where we are?
Can we be grateful for our singleness? Grateful for our husbands?

Can we speak well of our men? And well of our time we spend beautifully alone with the Lord?

Did I lose you in my honesty?...I'm afraid I may have. But if you're still with me, what do think?
Are we confused together?


Regan said...

Awesome, excellent, wonderful post. You made perfect sense and I agree with you 100% I have to ask myself, if we as women are so defined by being single are we also someday to be defined as by our marriages? It just shouldn't be that way! The only relationship we should be defined by is the one we have with Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Love this post girl. So true. don't feel the need to say sorry for things that tug on your heart like that. :)

Leanna Mason said...

Wow, I love this. This is exactly how I feel! But i never knew how to explain it in such graceful words as you just did!